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ENVIRONMENT OF PROFESSIONAL ELEVATOR COMPANY PAKELEVATORS EQUIPMENT OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY TO SAVE ENERGY AND PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT.We have made great efforts in environmental protection to make effective use of resources. Our products can effectively save energy and reduce emissions, creating a green environment. We use the equipment that meets the latest international environmental standards.

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Operation Management

Pak Elevators installs hundreds of elevators each year.Our aim is to ensure that our installation services arecarried out in an eco-efficient way. Examples of ourefforts in this area are: Efficient installation processesand methods that reduce the number of techniciansrequired on site and the environmental impacts oftraveling. Clearly defined site requirements that need tobe fulfilled before installation starts, eliminatingunnecessary site visits. Environmentally efficient wastehandling on site, using separate containers forhazardous, metal, electrical,wood, and mixed waste

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Elevators and escalators are among the safest modes of travel. Pak Elevators is actively involved in maintaining the standards of our installed elevators, escalators and walkways all over in Pakistan.We always ensure the safety of our install based products and services through rigorous attention to our installation, and maintenance processes. Safe practices are promoted for our employees and subcontractors, as well as for customers and people who use our equipment.


We are strongly commitment to safety and work closely with the people who rely on our products for safe and smooth transport as they go about their day. One way we promote safety is by organizing annual events that give people the opportunity to get to know how elevators and escalators operate and how to use them safely.Enhancing elevator and escalator safety is a joint effort. Technology providers must manufacture equipment that meets applicable codes and standards. Building owners and maintenance service providers have a responsibility to make sure the equipment is professionally maintained and kept in good condition.Elevator and escalator users also need to pay attention to their own behavior. For example, children should be properly supervised when using both elevators and escalators, and large items such as baby strollers,heavy luggage, or shopping carts should not be transported on escalators.


Elevator networking is to solve the current elevator safety issues proposed concept, data acquisition part,data transmission part, the central processing part and application software together constitute a complete elevator object monitoring system.Acquisition instrument to collect the elevator running data analysis and upload to the Internet monitoring center, combined with platform application software, in order to achieve the relevant units of the elevator real-time effective supervision and maintenance.


We have professional testing equipment, to undertake the detection of elevator locks, door machines, floordoors, speed limiters, photoelectric switches, buttons, traction wire rope, escalator roller, handrail and metal mechanical properties.